BLACK SUN (for a free Libya)

The map of agony

Is perverse cartography.

Ruining a country,

In a dumb, black sun.


Where blood is the pencil and

Sorrow the measure.

Scratched blind, upon

A tattered flag,

More red with dead,

Unfurling as the bullets stun.

The diagrams describe,

Strange paths leading

To our destiny.


We can rebuild the sun,

With faithful hands.

Beyond this cursed geography.       © Will Barton 2011      Click on images to enlarge

2 thoughts on “BLACK SUN (for a free Libya)

    1. Thank you. A good friend of mine is a Libyan exile. We are both passionately committed to the fight for freedom. He has not been able to return for forty-two years. It’s great to know people are connecting with their cause. I like what you say about muslims. Let’s just live together peacefully.


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