Honour and respect to Libya.
For all that you have given I salute you.
For all that you have endured I admire you.
Your freedom is the reward for many million lifetimes of suffering, sacrifice and faith.
These are days of joy, remembrance of lives lost and a new self-determination.
Make your country honest and beautiful again.
Libyan hearts must be singing.

© Will Barton 2011


We walk in dark places, blindfolded and silent.

Unhappy in our ignorance yet unwilling to question our certainties.

Semi-detached, reality-show Britain: more interested in the next X Factor than the social agonies which surround us.

How easily we slip into judgmental condemnation of actions we don’t fully understand.

Yet it is our blinkered detachment which fuels our clichéd reactions too conveniently defined by tabloid labelling.

© Will Barton 2011