Will Barton Headshot 13I am an artist, illustrator and poet and member of the Free Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers  www.freepaintersandsculptors.co.uk My varied career has ranged over many aspects of art and design with a strong commitment to art education, having lectured at several colleges where I taught a range of disciplines including painting, illustration, critical studies and graphic design. I have also run my own gallery, studio and framing workshop showcasing my paintings and prints and contributed to exhibitions and open studio events.

In my recent paintings the driving force is a direct, expressive abstraction, which fuses an exploration of materials and ideas. I embrace the process of painting to form a dynamic tension between physical actions and psychological themes, which interact as I work. Although I often have a conscious starting point I strive to escape from preconceived ideas to allow the work to evolve through additions and subtractions; layering, selecting and refining until a concept and composition emerges which leads me to a resolution of the piece. Sometimes this will be purely abstract or there may be landscape, political or emotional references.

The hope and intention is to try to recognize and form something with meaning from the intangible notions and fleeting discoveries which emerge. This approach forms a surprising contrast to earlier, more graphic images, in which I devised figurative and formal design motifs to create illustrative and narrative images which evoke memories, dreams and places. The paintings record my determination to engage with the energies and rhythms, which are revealed in painting.

In my art and writing it is the fascination with language, images and ideas which provides the continuum linking the various phases of my work. Many of my visual works are self-published as giclée or photo-litho prints to archival standards. I work to commission and would also be pleased to hear from galleries, corporate clients and publishers to discuss potential projects.

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