INNOCENT QUESTIONS (for a free Libya)

What mad mind
Distorted seam
Or strata
Takes the lives
Of innocents
In bestial slaughter
What foul food
Or reason
Feeds your need
To cruelly kill our
Sons and daughters


What phantasm
Or contorted dream
Performs in your
Plagued scatology
Do children scream
As their limbs bleed
Or fathers cry
As another life goes
Do you see the
Suffering at all
Or are those eyes
An evil resurrection
Of a dark exorcism
Deep acid holes
Burning in dead space
Where nothing grows
The sane must ask
What wicked voodoo
Or pathology
Cultivates your kind          © Will Barton 2011                          Click on images to enlarge

PROUD SON (for a free Libya)

Shame on you proud son,
You share some evil genes,
Sown from devil’s loins.
Your father’s poisonous bone
Owns your soul forever.
Look what you have done,
As immoral bowels conjoin,
Forcing out demented schemes.
The free attack you now.
Each calendar will record,
Cruel celebrations,
For these days of pain.
A link time cannot sever.
Your fate is known.
This tormented genome
Is condemned,
To roam a putrid palace,
Chewing at disgusting chains,
Regurgitating malice.         © Will Barton 2011                   Click on images to enlarge

HOPE (for a free Libya)

As we regret

Our loss

Hope still climbs

Death’s ladders

Step by step

Out of darkness

Hand in hand

We move together

Into light



© Will Barton 2011                                              Click on images to enlarge